Within the project Tales of Stone, the association Kulturfokus from Frankfurt am Main published a monograph with old photographs from 1908 published in the prof. dr. H. Friedrichsmeier's book The sunken Bosnia compared with the photos from 2008.

This bilingual monograph was created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the photographic journey of the Austrian lieutenant Emil Balcarek through Bosnia and Herzegovina 1907/1908 year.

On Balcarek's trace through the towns of Tuzla, Zvornik, Kalinovik, Travnik, Vranduk, Sarajevo, Mostar, exactly 100 years later, in the summer of 2008 went Sladjana Paškalj and Radenko Kosić to find places and photograph them from the same perspective.

The resulting photographic couples were accompanied by literary texts from Bosnian authors as an attempt to bridge the space-time of their formation.

For nature-lovers and culture, passionate athlete, avantutiste and hikers all places are marked with the appropriate QR codes.

For the promotion of the monograph Tales of Stone a photo exhibition is planned. It will include readings, video screenings, multimedia installations and musical events with the involvement of Bosnian artists.

Tales of Stone